The smooth, functional and precise Antara exercises are ideally suited for women during and after pregnancy. Antara with a personal trainer is the perfect workout for a safe and stable pelvic floor training. Are you interested in the Antara technique? I’d be happy to give you detailed information during a first meeting or personal training. Antara puts posture and the core system – the innermost trunk muscles – at the centre of every workout. The whole core system is responsible for stability, protects your back, gets you in shape and strengthens the pelvic floor for functional breathing. An Antara workout will lead to a good posture, a strong back and pelvic floor as well as to a flat belly. In addition, Antara improves the core function and global strength and helps to retain or improve mobility. The Antara concept was developed by Karin Albrecht and star education on the basis of research by Queensland University (AUS). Typical for Antara are very precise instructions as well as smooth and functional movement sequences.