“Most of us spend way too much time sitting down. This leads to a bent-over posture, muscle tension and muscle shortening. I can help you to reduce pain and overcome postural weaknesses through functional and specific core-training.”

Whereas most gym machines exercise only isolated muscles, my bodyweight training approach puts the whole musculoskeletal system into focus for a complete strengthening of your body. In addition to classical personal training to strengthen core and the pelvic floor, I offer specialised Antara exercises during and post pregnancy. Every exercise is customised to fit your needs.


personal training

My personal training is fit to your needs and every exercise will be specially tuned to achieve your personal goals. Primarily you will train with your own bodyweight but kettlebells, resistance bands or balance boards may enhance the training when needed. Varying exercises will keep the training interesting and present a constant challenge to your muscles.


personal training for women

Pregnancy and giving birth put great strains on a woman’s body. Muscle function diminishes, which leads to instability, difficulty of breathing and a change of posture due to the increasing weight of the belly. This may lead to back pain, pelvic hindrances or false posture. A systematic and goal-oriented training during pregnany will support your body and boost your overall well-being. After birth, a focused Antara training will support your recovery in the best possible way.

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