madlaina burst-limburg

My core competencies lie within the strengthening of the whole core system including the pelvic floor muscles. Many people lack strength in their trunk and torso and have a weak pelvic floor. This is due to many factors such as sitting too much, lack of exercise, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. Next to the main visible muscles, we will therefore also focus on your deep and innermost muscles – with special exercises for an upright posture, a flat belly and a strong musculoskeletal system. My education in the fields of fitness and Antara as well as my fitness center work experience help me to understand and know which exercises actually make a difference. The Antara concept really convinced me – especially as a mother of two. It is a simple, well thought through concept coming from an upright posture and offering varied exercises that fit every need.

Meine ausbildung

  • Dipl.Fitnesstrainer, 2017, Stareducation, Zurich
  • Personaltrainerin, 2017, Stareducation, Zurich
  • Before and after birth, Core-System, Posture and Stretching, 2018 Stareducation, Zurich
  • Dipl. Antara pelvic floor trainer, 2019, Stareducation, Zurich